Buffs and DebuffsAxie Infinity: Origin

Status Effects Guide For Axie Infinity Origin


Positive status effects.


Attacks deal 33 bonus DMG if HP is above 66%.


Cannot be Dispelled. When this unit dies, deal Pure DMG equal to the number of Bloodspike stack to all enemies


Single Attack deal DMG = 1.5% of the target current HP per stack. Turn into Bubble Bomb upon reaching 5 stacks.

Bubble Bomb

Cannot be Dispelled. The next Single Attack make Bubble Bomb explode and deals 20 DMG to all enemies


Each stack negates up to 3 stacks or 3 turns of 1 Debuff applied to the target.


When your opponent's turn starts, this Unit gains 4 Shield per stack. When that turn ends, if the Unit still has Shield, Retain 5% of that Shield per stack. Max stack: 10.

Damage Boost

The target has Attack DMG increased by 1 per stack.


At the end of the turn, every summon gain 25 Shield.


Deal 1 bonus DMG per hit. Whenever this Axie hits a target, increase this bonus by 1 DMG. When this Axie has no Feathers, bonus DMG is reset. When your turn ends, if this Axie used an Attack card, it loses 1 Feather.


Cannot be Dispelled. When transformed, gain 1 Energy, deal 50% bonus DMG but can't grant Energy Fragment and can't gain Rage until the end of turn.

Goo Revival

Heal back 20 HP the first time got killed by the enemy. Trigger once per battle.

Healing Boost

Increase healing card effects to this unit by 1 HP per stack.


The Unit heals 4 HP per stack at the end of its turn. Max stack: 10.


Meditate for 2 turns. If attacked while Meditating, awake and gain 3 Rage. If not, Cleanse 1 debuff and gain 1 Energy after effect ends.

Power Awaken


Power Brimstone


Power Bumpy


Power Sakura

Whenever you play a card this battle, restore 7 HP to this Axie.


Attacks deal 1 bonus DMG per hit for each stack. This unit suffers 1 extra DMG per hit for each stack. Upon reaching 10 Rage stacks, consume all stacks and enter Fury form.



Secret Buff

DMG Boost: Target gains Damage Boost when attacked.

Shield Boost

The target has Shield gained from cards increased by 1 per stack.

Snake Jar

Cannot be Dispelled. If this unit doesn't die in 6 turns, deal 100 DMG to all enemies.

Shield Goo



When hit, consume 1 stack to reflect 5 DMG and gain 5 Bloodspike. Max stack: 10.


The target cannot be targeted directly. If it uses a card, remove Stealth.

Wolf Pack

If got attacked more than 1 time in a turn, all allies gain 3 Rage.


Negative status effects.

Bad Luck

Increases Jinx damage by 5 per stack.


Target loses 15 HP when playing a card.

Death Mark

Whenever your opponent plays an Attack card, the target takes 15 DMG per Energy spent.


The target cannot use Attack Abilities.


The target gains 50% less HP from Healing.


Whenever the target uses an Attack card, shuffle a Confused into its draw pile.


The target gains 40% less Shield from cards.

Grievous Wound

Each time this unit Bleeds, deal 10 DMG per Grievous Wound stack, then add 1 Grievous Wound stack. Max stack: 10

Heal Block

The target cannot be healed.


Whenever the target uses a non-Attack card, shuffle a Confused into its draw pile.


When your turn starts, this Unit loses 3 HP per stack of Poison, then remove 1 stack. Cap at 40 stacks.

Self Destruction

Last resort: When HP fall below 20%, explode and die, then shuffle 1 Goo into opponent's hand.


The target cannot use non-Attack Abilities.


While this Axie has Sleep, next time it plays a card, negate that card then remove Sleep. When this Axie is attacked, remove Sleep.


Target cannot use any abilities.


The target deals 20% less attack damage.


The target receives 20% more attack damage.


Neutral status effects.


The target is always targeted by enemy's attack abilities.