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Card LayoutAxie Infinity: Origin

1 Energy Cost

Energy costs are 0, 1 and 2.

2 Card Stats


3 Art / Illustration

Ilustración que personaliza cada carta.

4 Body Part

Every Axie has 7 body parts but only 6 have a card.

Eyes, Ears, Horn, Mouth, Back and Tail.


5 Card Name

Every card has a different name.

6 Tag(s)

There are 9 tags. Please check below to know them.

7 Description

Short description about card.

8 Card Class

There are 9 classes for Axies.

Card TagsAxie Infinity: Origin

Card Tags or Card Effects indicate how Cards behave in battle.

Every Card may have up to 3 different tags.

AttackThis Card does damage.
Explorer Charms RunesPowerEnhance this Axie's abilities in future rounds.
Explorer Charms RunesInnateStart each battle with this Card in your hand.
SkillThis is a utility Card.
Explorer Charms RunesRetainDo not discard this Card at the end of your turn.
BanishRemove the Card from your deck until the end.
Charm InfoEtherealWhen your turn ends, banish the card.
ExplorerSecretThis Card adds an effect that comes into play next turn.
CloseMenu.svgUnplayableThis Card cannot be played.
UnstableAfter usage, the card disappears, and a Confused card will be shuffled into your Discard pile.
DegradeWhen your turn ends, if the card is still in your hand, the card disappears and a Confused card will be shuffled into your Discard pile.
LimitOnly a set number of copies of this card can be played each turn. Once the limit is reached, other copies will be disabled until the end of turn.


Coming soon…

Las Cartas de Axie Infinity Origin representan las 6 partes del cuerpo de los Axies: Ojos, Orejas, Cuerno, Boca, Espalda y Cola.

Para poder llegar a un total dividiremos las cartas por tipo de Axie:

Pez: 32 | Bicho: 32 | Bestia: 32 | Reptil: 32 | Planta: 32 | Pájaro: 32

Axies de Entrada: Aún se desconoce cuál será el total de cartas para estos 6 Axies de entrada.

Dusk, Dawn y Mech. En el futuro próximo estas 3 especies de Axies tendrán sus propias cartas pero se desconoce fecha y cantidad.

Por lo que hasta el momento de esta redacción podemos decir que el total son un mínimo de 192 cartas.

Podemos dividir las cartas en 2 áreas: Por TIPO (Estadística) y por HABILIDAD.


Daño, Escudo y Curación.


Maldición, Utilidad e Invocación